Why Astrology?

The purpose of astrology really should be to give you an understanding of your place in the universe and the kinds of energies that are flowing through you and through the physical universe.  Astrology should not try to make up your mind but instead provide information upon which you can make an intelligent decision.”

– Robert Hand, Planets in Transit

Astrology offers us a model for better understanding ourselves and the larger patterns and cycles in our lives. It gives us a picture of who we are as individuals and what makes us both similar and different to others in our lives.

With astrology, we have the chance to step back and examine ourselves and the challenges and opportunities we encounter with greater awareness and equanimity. We can get a glimpse of the forces and influences through the lens of our birth chart and come away with a rare and unique perspective.

The birth chart shows what is essentially a map of the potential of a lifetime. It illustrates the major themes that a person may encounter over the course of their life, and the various timing systems and transits show when those events and themes will manifest. An astrological consultation is a bit like a weather forecast where the meteorologist does their best to read the weather patterns and inform the public so they can prepare and plan accordingly.

If faced with a particular difficult period or challenging circumstance, a better understanding of the energies at play and their timing can enable one to approach life with more balance, acceptance and equanimity.  Instead of digging in and resisting what is happening, one can choose to work with the energies.  This could mean letting go of the things that are no longer working or healthy for you or it could mean exercising greater patience and focusing on areas of one’s life which need more attention.

The aim of an astrological reading is ultimately to bring awareness and perspective around the themes in one’s life and their timing so that the individual can more consciously participate in the unfolding process.


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